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  • March 22, 2023
    How will the development of quantum computers impact the future of computing? Join us on a journey into the world of quantum computing and discover the potential uses of this fascinating technology. From advanced simulations and space exploration to gaming and cybersecurity, quantum computers have the potential to revolutionize the way we think about computing. In this video, we explore the many ways that quantum computers will impact our world, including enhanced simulations, improved AI, and faster transportation optimization. We'll also take a look at how quantum computers can help solve some of the most pressing problems facing humanity, such as climate change, disease, and natural resource management. So, whether you're a scientist, a gamer, or just someone who is curious about the future of computing, this video is for you. Join us as we explore the incredible potential of quantum computing and its impact on the future of technology. 00:00 Introduction 01:33 Faster Processing Speed 02:49 Natural Resource Management 03:44 Genetic Engineering 04:39 Climate Change Modeling 05:19 Space Exploration 06:11 Improved Machine Learning and AI 07:07 Enhanced Simulations 08:00 Improved Cybersecurity 09:01 Transportation Optimization 09:51 Advanced Game AI 10:51 Outro
  • March 22, 2023
    \ud83d\udd25 Limited-time REWARD for Fans of Elon Musk\ud83d\udc47 \ud83d\udcb0 Up To $30,000 FREE BITCOIN BONUS! \ud83d\udcb0 \ud83d\udcb0 By Registering With BYBIT \ud83d\udc49 \ud83d\udcb0 And By Registering With Binance \ud83d\udc49 \u2b50Become a MUSK FAN & get access to perks: \ud83d\udc49 \ud83d\udc48 \ud83d\udd14 TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS, and be the first to watch every video! \ud83d\udd14 'China Will **** US!' - Elon Musk \ud83d\udc49 Elon Musk's Speech Will Leave You SPEECHLESS \ud83d\udc49 "Most People Don't Even Realize What's Coming" | Elon Musk \ud83d\udc49 'Watch Before They DELETE This!' - Elon Musk \ud83d\udc49 Elon Musk's Speech That Freaked Out World Leaders \ud83d\udc49 Elon Musk Talks About Aliens \ud83d\udc49 \ud83d\udcbcBusiness or copyright inquiries? ilti08fcr (at) Here, at the "Elon Musk Zone" channel, we transform the original content from shows, podcasts, and key-notes with Mr. Elon Musk, to provide the viewers with a more immersive experience. We hope to educate as many people as possible through this channel. We also make the messages of Elon Musk more accessible to people that are suffering from hearing disabilities, by applying professional transcription to the majority of our videos. We amplify the content's original message by making it more cinematic and easier to understand by the end consumer. This way we hope to reach more people and thus educate more people with Elon Musk's valuable messages. The majority of content used in videos is licensed by our partners. We may use third-party material when its usage of it falls under the Fair Use legal doctrine. If you are the legal content owner of any content we used on the channel and would like to remove it, please e-mail us at ilti08fcr (at) mozmail (dot) com. We will resolve your problem. \u2705 Fair Use Disclaimer 1. The videos have no negative impact on the original works. 2. The videos we make are used for educational purposes. 3. The videos are transformative in nature. 4. We use only the audio component and tiny pieces of video footage, only if it's necessary. This video features materials protected by the Fair Use guidelines of Section 107 of the Copyright Act. All rights are reserved to the copyright owners. \u2622\ufe0f We hold a license for materials used in our videos. Elon Musk Zone — The #1 Elon Musk YouTube channel covering the latest Elon Musk news! DISCLAIMER: Our channel is not associated with Elon Musk in ANY way and is purely made for entertainment purposes, based on facts, rumors, and fiction. Nothing in this video is financial or medical advice. Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statutes that might otherwise be infringing. #ElonMusk #MuskElon #Musk #Elon #Tesla #SpaceX #Neuralink #Technology #Cars #Space #SpaceTravel #TheBoringCompany #OpenAI #SolarCity #WatchEMZ #TechSpace #FutureUnity #ElonMuskZone MB015Z3X99CTZTQ
  • March 22, 2023
    A quantum computer in the next decade could crack the encryption our society relies on using Shor's Algorithm. Head to to start your free 30-day trial, and the first 200 people get 20% off an annual premium subscription. ▀▀▀ A huge thank you to those who helped us understand this complex field and ensure we told this story accurately - Dr. Lorenz Panny, Prof. Serge Fehr, Dr. Dustin Moody, Prof. Benne de Weger, Prof. Tanja Lange, PhD candidate Jelle Vos, Gorjan Alagic, and Jack Hidary. A huge thanks to those who helped us with the math behind Shor’s algorithm - Prof. David Elkouss, Javier Pagan Lacambra, Marc Serra Peralta, and Daniel Bedialauneta Rodriguez. ▀▀▀ References: Joseph, D., et al. (2022). Transitioning organizations to post-quantum cryptography. Nature, 605(7909), 237-243. - Bernstein, D. J., & Lange, T. (2017). Post-quantum cryptography. Nature, 549(7671), 188-194. - An Insight, An Idea with Sundar Pichai - Quantum Computing, Wold Economic Forum via YouTube - Migrating to Post-Quantum Cryptography, The White House - Kotas, W. A. (2000). A brief history of cryptography. University of Tennessee - Hellman, M. (1976). New directions in cryptography. IEEE transactions on Information Theory, 22, 644-654. - Rivest, R. L., Shamir, A., & Adleman, L. (1978). A method for obtaining digital signatures and public-key cryptosystems. Communications of the ACM, 21(2), 120-126. - ***, A. (2023). Lecture 12: Public-Key Cryptography and the RSA Algorithm - Calderbank, M. (2007). The RSA Cryptosystem: History, Algorithm, Primes. University of Chicago. - Cryptographic Key Length Recommendation, Keylength - Coppersmith, D. (2002). An approximate Fourier transform useful in quantum factoring. arXiv preprint quant-ph/0201067. - Quantum Fourier Transform, Qiskit - Shor, P. W. (1994, November). Algorithms for quantum computation: discrete logarithms and factoring. In Proceedings 35th annual symposium on foundations of computer science (pp. 124-134). IEEE. - Shor’s algorithm, Wikipedia - Euler’s totient function, Wikipedia - Asfaw, A. (2020). Shor’s Algorithm Lecture Series, Qiskit Summer School - How Quantum Computers Break Encryption, minutephysics via YouTube - Breaking RSA Encryption - an Update on the State-of-the-Art, QuintessenceLabs - O'Gorman, J., & Campbell, E. T. (2017). Quantum computation with realistic magic-state factories. Physical Review A, 95(3), 032338. - Gidney, C., & Ekerå, M. (2021). How to factor 2048 bit RSA integers in 8 hours using 20 million noisy qubits. Quantum, 5, 433. - 2021 Quantum Threat Timeline Report, Global Risk Institute - The IBM Quantum Development Roadmap, IBM - Post-Quantum Cryptography, Computer Security Resource Center (NIST) - Alagic, G., et al. (2022). Status report on the third round of the NIST post-quantum cryptography standardization process. US Department of Commerce, NIST. - Thijs, L. (2015). Lattice cryptography and lattice cryptanalysis - ▀▀▀ Special thanks to our Patreon supporters: Tj Steyn, Meg Noah, Bernard McGee, KeyWestr, Elliot Miller, Jerome Barakos, M.D., Amadeo Bee, TTST, Balkrishna Heroor, Chris LaClair, John H. Austin, Jr., Eric Sexton, john kiehl, Anton Ragin, Diffbot, Gnare, Dave Kircher, Burt Humburg, Blake Byers, Evgeny Skvortsov, Meekay, Bill Linder, Paul Peijzel, Josh Hibschman, Mac Malkawi, Juan Benet, Ubiquity Ventures, Richard Sundvall, Lee Redden, Stephen Wilcox, Marinus Kuivenhoven, Michael Krugman, Cy 'kkm' K'Nelson, Sam Lutfi. ▀▀▀ Written by Casper Mebius & Derek Muller Edited by Trenton Oliver Filmed by Raquel Nuno Animated by Ivy Tello & Mike Radjabov Additional video/photos supplied by Getty Images & Pond5 Music from Epidemic Sound & Jonny Hyman Produced by Derek Muller, Petr Lebedev, & Emily Zhang
  • March 22, 2023
    Try free for 7 days, and get a 60% discount if you join the annual subscription: Sciencephile Merch: Support me at Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: Reddit: Website: Music: - Mozart Sonata para piano nº 13 Kv 333 IAllegro Partitura e interpretación - Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G major, BWV 1048- I. Allegro Supporters: A HH, H H, Ephellon, Kyle A Criswell, Oberon Vortigern, Asadullah Khan, Jonas Lee, Joshua Titus, [eXploit] Theorislav, Ice Wallow Come, Tovi Sonnenberg, Parker Rosenbauer, iNF3Rnus, Pavel Kočarian, John N, Danh Le, Stealer of Fresh stolen Content, Brandon Ledyard, Nathaniel Strizak, Nick Boykin-Reed, William Persson, Victator and everyone else!
  • March 22, 2023
    We are starting to see very strong limitations in conventional computing. Photonics may be the answer to this problem as it can offer faster processing speeds for machine learning and even be be utilized for quantum algorithms. Sources & Credits: Music: "Ambient Electronic Background" From Envato "Beyond The Stars" By CO.AG Music

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