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Prize Winner

  • The results are in…

    We’ve spent weeks (!) going through the hundreds (!) of the incredible Loading Screen Art buy SWTOR credits to narrow them down to the winning entries. We want to thank everyone that entered; it was an extremely difficult task for us to pick the Grand Prize Winner and Finalists. Thank you again to everyone that participated in Rumble in the Realm III, and again to buy cheap SWTOR credits for putting on a great tournament! The winners in each region have done their part and competed for prizes and eternal glory, Play to improve, not to win. If you go in a game to learn your mistakes and review them after your match, you gain more than just rating by winning a game. Everybody wants to win and I can understand if people get frustrated because of certain classes/matchups, but try to see them as a challenge and try your best to learn from it. Also do not play for too long, since you will start to lose focus. It’s alright to become upset, as long as you see your own mistakes afterwards and welcome to

    We look forward to hosting the next contest and seeing what the Blade & Soul community will bring. See you in the Earthen Realm!