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on a journey

  • The exhibit “Make Software: Change the World!” is now open at the Computer History Museum and buy WOW gold on a journey through the various aspects of technology and how it has affected and changed lives. Within the “Knowledge and Belonging” section of the exhibit, visitors will get to take a look at World of Warcraft and learn a little more about the game and its impact on connecting people.Two new 24-member dungeons arrive with this update, including the brutally difficult end-game raid: Skybreak Spire. In addition, a new Legendary upgrade path, streamlined Evolution paths, 6v6 Clan rankings, and a new generation of WOW gold round out the highlights for Wings of the Raven.Only the most coordinated and well-prepared players will be able to attempt Skybreak Spire, an elite new tier of true raiding being introduced to Blade & Soul. For everyone else you’ll be able to tackle an alternate dark realm of the great Naryu Empire in Dawn of Khanda Vihar, and attempt to defeat increasingly difficult enemies in this new 24-member instance and you can come to

    Get a quick overview of both of these instances in our recent article.but before they hung up their mice and keyboards and headed back to the lockers we managed to grab them for a quick interview. Check out their responses below.


    Plan your trip today by visiting the Computer History Museum on Facebook or visit their site to learn more.