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It primary crafting and upgrade materials

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    We can’t state it enough: it was an extremely close competition. It was made only slightly easier for us that the 10 finalists will also be featured in-game, allowing everyone to buy WOW gold even more incredible art from our community. Each of the below winners will be receiving $50 of Hongmoon Coin, the exclusive community events costume “Kindred Soul”, and their art will also be showcased in Blade & Soul as a loading screen.

     It primary crafting and upgrade materials (Soulstone, Moonstone, Frozen Stinger, and Honorary Ornament) are being revamped in the upcoming Secrets of the Stratus update. This will effectively split each of the existing items into tradeable and non-tradeable versions, while only the non-tradeable versions can be used/consumed (effectively the same as the Sealed/Unsealed functionality) and you can come to This gives us a lot of additional flexibility on the rewards we can hand out and where; for example, we can more freely give out personal untradeable-version upgrade material rewards without worrying about introducing a large number into the trading economy, or the potential for abuse.