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Furies Agent Outfit

  • We've also brought you a bunch of improvements to the Arc, fresh from WOW gold we held over the last Double XP Weekend. The High Armour of Hanto, Winds of Waiko, Thalassia's Revenge and Rage of Hyu-Ji can now be obtained with chimes and taijitu.Any Alaea crablets that you start mining will be renamed ‘Relaxed Alaea Crablet' and WOW gold will appear.From 13th March, we'll be releasing the character names of inactive accounts. If there's a name that you've had your eye on for some time, this could be your chance to claim it as your own!We'll be releasing a letter a day over the work week, starting with the letter A. Numbers will be released together on one day.When each name release happens, it'll be announced on social media channels – follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and the RuneScape forums, and keep an eye out for your letter and you can come to!