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Thank you again to everyone

  • There are a number of item-specific systems changes coming with WOW gold of the Stratus update.

    Play to improve, not to win. If you go in a game to learn your mistakes and review them after your match, you gain more than just rating by winning a game. Everybody wants to win and I can understand if people get frustrated because of certain classes/matchups, but try to see them as a challenge and try your best to learn from it. Also do not play for too long, since you will start to lose focus. It’s alright to become upset, as long as you see your cheap WOW gold afterwards.


    As our Grand Prize Winner, Rozelque will be receiving $100 worth of Hongmoon Coin, the exclusive community events costume “Kindred Soul”, and their art showcased in Blade & Soul as a loading screen.All of your existing items will become the tradable versions listed above, but cannot be used to upgrade/craft until you right-click them to “process” them into the Crystal version (which also makes them untradeable).Thank you again to everyone who entered! Don’t forget to check all of the other entries in the Loading Screen Art Contest Entries gallery on Facebook, and keep an eye out for these winning entries to be added to the game in a future update and you can come to