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You’re hopping through

  • Moto still won’t license his technology to me—ahem—but he’s opened up his Super Adventure Box again for all of cheap RS gold. He’s even made what he calls a “page” for it, so go have a look at his colorful bells and whistles.Never let it be said that I can’t get into the spirit of a festival. Stand tall on our newest glider, and let everybody know that sometimes life really is all fluffy clouds and rainbows.

    Super Adventure Fun!and players must fight for control of three areas on the map with the help of cheap RS gold. The battle lines move back and forth, giving players a reason to split up and fight in different events across the map. Andrew said that it was important for the Seraph patrols to be powerful so it would feel like players can assist and fight alongside a real army. They originally dropped Seraph NPCs from the core game into Lake Doric to let them try to fight it out. It didn’t end well and you can come to

    Oh, and if you happen to find anything interesting while you’re hopping through, report back.