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Link Building Techniques to Target Local Audience

  • If you have business website and you follow various SEO techniques to tap on to new customer base, you must not neglect your local audience. Often it is seen that businesses ignore the local audience which can prove to be a costly mistake. With a change in SEO trends, entrepreneurs should make sure that they invest in local SEO.


    If you incorporate SEO techniques to target local audience, you will get greater benefits for your business. A senior SEO expert at SERP Consultancy says,” Businesses can now target the customers who are using their devices to search local business. By adopting a strategic SEO plan on a local level, businesses can rank higher on the GPS based search on devices that is initiated by the customers.” He also added,”Link building techniques can be the most helpful techniques, if you are aiming at local audience.”

    SEO is a dynamic field. The SEO techniques keep on changing with time. Link building to target local audience is a trending technique which will continue to fetch rewards in near future.


    The experts at SERP consultancy discussed some effective link building techniques. Read below:


    Local Websites to Target Local Customers

    If you want to reach out the local customers, targeting local websites can prove to be the most sensible step. It is one of the most popular link building techniques to improve ranking in the local searches. Most of the times, businesses avoid this technique as it might take time to search out a local website that is of high quality to post your guest post.  When you are searching for local websites, make sure you choose the ones that have high social sharing and good traffic.

    Google Maps

    One of the easiest ways to improve the visibility of your business is to feature it in Google maps. If a customer is searching about the products you sell or s/he wants to know about your business, then s/he can easily do it. Google maps show details like business contact number, address, hours of operation and even direction to reach you. When customers see these details about your business, they find your website more attractive.

    Evergreen content

    It seems to be a story of yesterday when writing long articles was considered enough to captivate visitors. But this is not true anymore. Visitors these days are becoming more and more aware and they want their user experience to be great. So when a visitor visits your website, s/he will not be satisfied if they see long and useless articles. Relevant and interesting content is and will always remain the king of digital marketing arena. Good content is relevant for longer time period and is known as evergreen content.

    Contents like tips, FAQs, tutorials, how to articles and guides impart a lot of information that visitors find very helpful. Adding good pictures and infographics make the content visually appealing.


    Help from Social Media

    The power of social media is so immense that it is difficult to ignore it. Target customers of any business are active on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many more. If a business has a well maintained social media profile on these platforms, it will be easier for the local customers to connect with it. This will also build trust among the customers along with providing better chances to gain top rankings in searches.


    Email address validation

    It can be very disappointing when a failed email delivery notification appears. You must remove this issue by validating your email address. This will help you in receiving secondary mails which are beneficial.


     Reclaim the links

    Often brand names are mentioned without links. Any such situation is an opportunity missed. Therefore, you must search for your brand name. If you find that your business name appears on the Google without any links to your website, you must reclaim it. You must backlink all such results to your website.


    Sharing is caring

    Well, when it comes to local link building techniques, you need good websites to obtain a link. It is not always good to expect help from other websites for linking. Sharing links is a good way to create rapport with local influencers. Giving links to others will motivate others to give links to you.


    Link building is a very useful technique used under SEO tools. Businesses must focus on becoming visible locally. This will prove very beneficial to them.