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Clash Royale New Cards 2018

  • Clash Royale Gold Clash Royale is a RTS mobile phone game developed and released by Superell for iOS and Android platforms in 2016. This is a card game but played in real-time strategy mode or we shall say it’s a tower defense PvP game. The game have 1v1 and 2v2 mode the former one is the basic mode whilst the latter one emphases on co-operation.For a while new Clash Royale update leaks made their way to fans long before their actual release but now that the method used to obtain those leaks has been mostly shut down new hints are fewer and further between. The last set of card leaks we saw surfaced in the Fall and featured gameplay with four new cards -- among which was the recently released Royal Ghost.

    A suggestive new photo posted on the official Clash Royale Twitter account suggests the Royale Ghost may not be the only one of the leaked cards we’ll see released in this year. The post which shows the lower half of a male character sitting cross-legged with an illuminating arrow floating above his lap seems to indicate that the Magic Archer is likely on his way.

    While even the Magic Archer’s release isn’t fully confirmed if the leaks are correct we can expect to see at least two other new cards added to Clash Royale this year.Cheap Clash Royale Gold They are the Barbarian Barrel and the Sneaky Archer.Additionally the news that new hero cards may be coming to Clash Royale this year was discussed in a Discord chat with official Clash Royale representatives. You can find out details about those new Heroes here.