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To Create Chances in the Game

  • First. Passing, which means when the players begin offensive, the number of teammates who participate in attack. High value, the number of teammates to participate in the attack is more; low value, teammates is less.

    Second. Shooting, which refers to the players who holding the ball to organize the attack, the depth of over line of the opponent. High value, striker moves deep in depth, so they will retreat midfielder less; low value, striker moves slightly in depth, so they often retract midfielder.

    The last. Positioning, but here to set the free post moves.It refers to their teammates' positioning when the players who holding the ball should beonly in the half or hinterland of the opponent. Due to entered the hinterland of the opponent, you may require teammates to actively move to open space to create opportunities. The freedom and creativity is high, so it is easy to open the space.

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