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Be a super mafia boss in mafia city, play mafia game now

  • You don't need to too grind much in the main story,play mafia game now!
    There are spikes with certain monsters, by and large you don't need to do many side-quests or investigations if you want to crack on with the main Assigned missions.
    You should still keep upgrading your armour and weapons though - again, the branches for just ores and bones allow you to forage materials instead of carving them for certain upgrades, plus individual armour pieces from the smaller creatures make for quick kills.
    As long as you're always upgrading whatever you can along the way, you shouldn't have to spend hours farming for materials.
    Of course, if you are worried you need to upgrade at some point, the rule of thumb we found was when it becomes too difficult to beat an Assigned monster, then it's time to visit the Smithy, or consider farming.
    ...but mastering and farming a single monster is incredibly rewarding
    That said, we would recommend taking the time to delay story progression when you can to farm materials from a single animal.
    Doing so can get you a complete armour set for that creature. Unlike, say Destiny, where loot sources can be quite obscure, in Mafia City it's thankfully a case of just killing the creature the armour set belongs to to get what you need.
    Not only that, but the process of mastering one particular monster is really satisfying. And in the case of something like an Anjarath that's been causing you bother for so long, it's an remarkably cathartic process.

    New armour not only give you better defence stats, but each piece of armour adopts the appearance of the creature you've taken it from. The armour crafting screen can give you a preview before you put the time into hunting - who wouldn't want to model themselves after a fluffy white Paolumu?

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