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Mafia headquarters of the protectorate from Zungeru to Kaduna

  • The quest by the museum’s authorities to introduce certain elements of innovation has led to the establishment of a shopping complex and a crafts village within the premises.    But, in spite of yotta, the museum does not seem to hold attraction to people, given the rather insignificant number of visitors. Lord Lugard Footbridge The Lugard Foot Bridge is 134 years old having been built in 1880 by Lord Frederick Lugard, at Zungeru, Niger state when he was Governor of the defunct Northern Protectorate during the period of British Indirect Rule. Lugard later moved the movable bridge to Kaduna in 1920 when he relocated the headquarters of the protectorate from Zungeru to Kaduna.

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    The bridge is located across a tributary of the Kaduna River at the Gen. Hassan Katsina Park popularly called Gamji Gate, on Swimming Pool Road, Kabala East. Lord Luggard foot bridge Lugard Hall The Lugard Hall complex is also named after Lord Lugard who was Governor of Northern Nigeria and later Governor-General of Nigeria. The complex, according to the information office of the Kaduna State House of Assembly, is a replica of the British House of Commons and Lords. The complex has two structures, the Lugard Memorial Council Chamber and the House of Assembly.


    The Lugard Memorial Council Chamber which was known as the Northern House of Chiefs is about 66 years old. Late Sultan of Sokoto, Sir Abubakar 111 laid the foundation stone for the construction of the chamber in 1947. When it was completed, it served and still serves as a meeting place for northern traditional rulers. The foundation stone for the House of Assembly structure at Lugard Hall was laid on May 18, 1959, by Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sarduana of Sokoto. The structure has three wings of seven blocks and the main chamber has a sitting capacity for between 250 and 300 persons and members’ lounge which has capacity to sit 200 persons while the gallery for the public can accommodate 400 people. It served as the Northern House of Parliament and currently serves as the Kaduna state House of Assembly. An additional block was constructed in 1991 which currently serves as the printing press.

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