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Top 3 Factors For Choosing Thermal Label Barcode Printers

  • If you want to buy a thermal printer for your barcode label application, you should be aware of the thermal printing technology. Thermal printing technology is basically of two types. One is direct thermal and the other is thermal transfer. Both the direct thermal and thermal transfer use a thermal print head in order to produce and apply heat to the surface where the printing is done.


    Direct thermal technology is less expensive to operate since no ribbon is required. This type of printer is also highly durable and reliable. As it is highly reliable, it requires minimum maintenance and repair. Nowadays, direct thermal technology is used the most in mobile printers.


    The thermal transfer absorbs the ink from the ribbon on to the media surface. The image quality and durability of this technology is extremely high and is unmatched by other popular printing technologies.


    Thermal printer or thermal label barcode printer is an ideal choice for you if barcode printing is the main part of your application. The prime role of thermal technology is printing barcodes precisely. This is the reason behind the great popularity of the thermal printer. However, you should consider a few factors before buying a thermal label barcode printer (Information Credit – Label Ales).


    1. Find out which technology is best:

    Before choosing a thermal label barcode printer, you have to research a little to find out which technology is the best for your business. On the basis of usage conditions, the technology offers you quality output. If you want a thermal label barcode printer for patients and visitors identification, shipping labels, ticket printing and receipts, you can buy direct thermal printing. And if you want a printer for asset tags, durable wristbands or certification labels, you can choose thermal transfer.


    2. Check the printing configuration and costs:

    Since thermal label barcode printers are developed with different technology, they also work differently. This type of printer has the capability of printing either direct thermal or thermal transfer. Thermal printers with direct thermal technology cost less since they do not include any hardware that is required for controlling and driving the ribbon. On the other hand, thermal printers with thermal transfer technology are costlier. So according to your operational needs, check the printer configuration and then buy.


    3. Consider how durable you require the labels to be:

    Before selecting a thermal label barcode printer, you should have a clear understanding how long your label will be in use and how important the information is that will be printed on the label. If you want a durable label you should choose the printer with thermal transfer technology that is more durable than direct thermal. In case you don't want a durable label, you can choose the thermal printer with direct thermal technology.


    By considering the above factors, you can choose the best thermal label barcode printer that is just perfect for your business. So, buy your thermal printer today and experience the best printing technology.