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Tips to Evaluate an Outsourced Data Entry Services

  • In the last decade, there has been an increase in the volume of business operations being outsourced to other countries, especially India.  The selling points include enhanced flexibility, faster turnaround time, prompt availability and efficiency – all of which saves the management a substantial amount of time, money and effort.


    Data entry services in India are at par with international standards, with the skilled personnel and infrastructure suited to handle such tasks effectively. However, selecting the offshore company can be a major task, even more so because the management cannot always be physically present to inspect the work of such service providers. Below is a list of points to consider, when going for the right data entry service provider for the organization in question. (Information credit: DEI-UK)


    • Customized Data Entry Services: The nature and volume of data across different industries are not the same and vary on a number of factors. Hence, a “one size fits all” approach for data entry is not the solution. Hence, the offshore entity must have provisions for providing customized data entry solutions to each client to cater to their individual organizational needs.
    • Ability to meet deadlines: In a fast paced business world, adhering to deadlines is crucial for delivering projects on time and maintaining a positive customer impression. Thus, before outsourcing to a particular company, all information regarding their speed and turnaround should be clear. A prompt and reliable data entry service provider will always work accurately while keeping the deadline in mind, even when there is a time crunch.
    • Level of skill, infrastructure and technology: Data entry requires skill, a suitable infrastructure and access to the latest technology.   Hence the management should check the level of skill, qualifications and experience of the personnel before they choose to hire a particular vendor.  Infrastructure and technology should be updated to international standards to ensure that there is no disruption in the work flow.
    • Data Security: Data entry services deal with projects and assignments from a host of different foreign companies, each with their own set of data and company information. The nature of these is usually most delicate and must be kept secure i.e., not even minor data breaches should be entertained. So the management should ensure that the vendor takes the necessary security measures to ensure complete security.  Measures like preventing the use of USB drives or other removable storage units and setting up CCTV surveillance can prevent unauthorized access to the company’s data. They should also employ data encryption methods to ensure that their network and database is free from hacking.


    Data entry services form a major part of the day to day activities of an organization. Outsourcing such data entry services to offshore entities can save companies a lot of time, effort and money so that your business activities can be focused on the core functions. Thus, selecting and evaluating the quality of a particular vendor is important before the management decides to outsource their work.