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Improving Stainless Steel performance with Finishes

  • Stainless steel offers an array of advantageous features like strength and durability, resistance and formability, making it one of the most widely-used metals for a wide variety of applications. Stainless steel sheets can be easily spotted across industries like construction, electronic appliances manufacturing, automotive etc.


    Stainless steel sheets are often used as the structural components of many appliances, automotive, defence systems, and other equipment. Therefore, to enhance their strength, various types of stainless steel sheet finishes are used. This also enhances the shelf life of the stainless steel sheets. Here are the various things that can be achieved using stainless steel surface finishes: (Information credit:


    1. It enhances the capability of the sheet to withstand harsh and hostile conditions like tough chemicals, dust, hydrocarbon solutions and exposure to several solvents.


    2. It improves the resistance of the sheet against corrosion. It also intensifies the sheet’s resistance to scratches, abrasion and impact, ensuring a longer life and less damage.


    3. To achieve a polished, smooth appearance. For various applications, like making lab and medical apparatus, it is necessary to have a smooth and shiny surface. Thus, it becomes imperative to use stainless steel finishes in such a case.


    4. Finishes help in amplifying the cleaning ability of the metal’s surface. The sheets which have a polished surface are easy to clean and attract less dirt. This is necessary for applications where stainless steel is used in systems or equipment in the food or medical industry, where cleanliness and hygiene are of utmost priority.


    5. Stainless steel sheet finishes help you achieve the desired look. These finishes enhance the aesthetic look of the sheet and make them look beautiful, making them suitable for the manufacture of furniture, stairways etc. Decorative finishes further add a unique touch to the sheets.


    These are the 5 main objectives that can be achieved using a stainless steel sheet finish. However, to ensure the best results, one must use the correct type of finish that serves their purpose the best. To be able to select the perfect finish, it is essential to have a little knowledge about the various surface finishes.


    Popular Finishes:

    To shed some light upon this, here are the 3 most popular stainless steel sheet finishes:


    1. Standard Mill Finish – Also known as matte finish, the mill finish adds a smoothness to the surface of the metal, giving it a reflective and bright appearance. It is suitable for finishing sheets when they are used to fabricate boilers, air heaters, gas turbines, furnaces, refinery equipment, heat exchangers and other similar products.


    2. Satin Finish – This finish adds a bright look to the surface of the metal. It is the ideal choice for applications which require a high priority to hygiene. This includes lab machinery, dental and pharmaceutical equipment, medical apparatus etc.


    3. Mirror Finish – Lastly, the mirror finish lends high reflectivity to the sheet. Therefore, the finish is largely used for sheets in the manufacture of surgical instruments, dairy tanks, brewery equipment and restaurant utensils.


    Thus, it is clear from above that the stainless steel sheet finishes add to the performance of the material.