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How to Prepare Yourself for Hair Transplant?

  • A hair transplant is an ideal solution for people who are dealing with thinning hair, baldness, or hair loss. This procedure offers you natural looking and permanent results that bring back the confidence that you need.

    But in order to get the most out of your hair transplant surgery, you need to prepare yourself ideally before going in for the procedure. Of course, there is whole another set of instructions that you need to follow after the completion of surgery but you also need to adhere to certain instructions before the procedure.

    If you are qualified for hair transplant surgery, then the following are some instructions that you’ll need to follow to prepare yourself.

    Keep reading till the end to find out.

    Common Instruction You May Need to Follow:

    • Avoid smoking or consuming alcohol

    This instruction you have to follow strictly as smoking or consumption of alcohol can cause complications during the procedure. Both smoking and alcohol consumption causes a higher level of blood rush which may cause complications in the surgery.

    Smoking can even impact the post-recovery phase and you may need extended time to heal from the wound.

    • Stay away from getting a haircut

    Your healthy hair follicles are used for the transplant and if you don’t have enough hair in the donor area then the surgery might be difficult to carry out. Also, if you cut your hair short before the surgery then chances are your scarring from post-surgery will be seen.

    Hence, to gain maximum benefits it is recommended to avoid cutting your hair before the hair transplant.

    • Taking Prescribed Medication If Necessary

    Based on the intensity of hair loss, the hair transplant expert may prescribe you to take some medication before the surgery. You may also be advised to take some antibiotics before the surgery in order to avoid any infection from the surgery.

    However, if the surgery area is confined to the crown of your head then you won’t be prescribed any medication.

    • Undergoing Certain Physical Examinations

    It is recommended to undergo certain physical examinations such as ECG or some blood tests to check for any abnormality. You will end up having complications if there is any abnormality.

    It is better to be certain about your health before getting the hair transplant done.

    • Avoid Taking Aspirin or Anti-Inflammatory Medication

    Your hair transplant expert will ask you to take aspirin and even inflammatory medication at least two weeks prior to your surgery. This is because you will be administered local anaesthesia before the surgery.

     The effects of aspirin or anti-inflammatory medication may interfere with administered anaesthesia. The effect of anaesthesia may not last long enough throughout the surgery. There can be complications during the surgery if you don’t avoid taking these medications before the hair transplant.

    • Stop Taking Supplements

    If you are taking any supplements then it is advised to stop taking it well before two weeks from the hair transplant surgery. The supplements may cause complications during the procedure and can be harmful to you.

    The Day Before the Hair Transplant Surgery

    Make sure to shampoo and wash your hair properly to keep it clean. It is instructed not to use any other products besides your shampoo and conditioner before the day of your surgery. This will let your hair be in its natural state.

    Your hair transplant expert will instruct you on when you should last eat and drink prior to the surgery. It is also essential that you wear loose-fitting clothes on the day of your surgery. This is because loose-fitting clothes will be easier to wear post-surgery, making sure no damage or disturbance is caused in the transplanted area.

    The hair transplant procedure should be smooth if all the instructions are followed diligently.