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  • the choice of wood floor of indoor furniture, exhibit, wood and lamps and lanterns in contemporary and concise style wants to set out from integral design. The habits and customs that the choice of furniture wants to accord with a person and human body character will choose, lamplight should notice the lighting effects of different bedroom wants organic union to rise, the setting of exhibit stresses individual character and aesthetic feeling as far as possible. What skill should bedroom of that contracted wood floor have?

    1, the flexibility that what the space forms contracted style to decorate pursuit is a space and its are practical, the basis wants to each other function concerns between the space and be permeated each other on the design, the utilization rate that yields a space is achieved highest. Differentiate only way of the space does not finality body of wall of horniness of be confined to, it is OK even to can pass wood floor board of top of furniture, exhibit, condole, wood will undertake differentiating according to the commutation of lamplight, have very good compatibility, fluidity and flexibility. Picture of bedroom wood floor

    2, should notice style characteristic is contemporary and contracted the design of the style basically shows times feature to give priority to with body, everything sets out from functional ***. Used concise design to indoor metope, ground and ceiling, use simple sense the material with comfortable, rich tactility lets integral space decorating on having very big practical. On the choice of handicraft, also be the designs a form handicraft that uses concise line sense.

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