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Is composite wood floor good?

  • composite wood is a kind of advanced lumber, its grain is straight Mu Wen, grain is exquisite, have good machining performance, it is one of main material of wooden floor. composite wood floor is in the floor of one big wood of current market type. So, composite wood floor how? It is introduction of composite wood floor below.
    1, material is qualitative
    The material of composite wood floor is composite wood character, composite wood basically distributings at various places of American the eastpart part, it is a kind of stuff that suits to do the woodiness such as high-grade furniture to live in things particularly, contain the brown stain that cultivate a heart and petty gummy check inherently, grain *** of exquisite, clear, polish is good, besmear outfit effect is good. And composite wood still has good machining performance, dry rate is rapid, dry when contractive amount is large, dry hind the characteristic such as dimension stability.
    2, function of composite wood floor
    composite wood floor acceded basically all function characteristic of composite wood, and the composite wood floor on current market is to belong to compound wood floor for the most part, the function characteristic that compares composite wood because of the function characteristic of floor of this composite wood is better. composite wood floor basically has curve function good, hardness low, intensity is medium, impulse withstand the function characteristic such as load.
    Price of composite wood floor from a few to hundreds of every make the same score rice, difference of composite wood price is very big, when choosing so, we must notice, the problem of material qualitative respect. Not, thinking to want the floor that is composite wood only is good floor.
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