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  • As 80, 90 hind get married stage by stage establish line of business, they began to become the household building materials such as the wood floor to consume the main force of the market. As the young customer of new generation, their main consumption characteristic stresses vogue, individual character namely, for this, many wood floor enterprises adjust oneself product and brand fixed position in succession, in order to develop a product that accords with young consumer demand. However, in actual unit process of cargo bandling, covering a region always is more than sincerity however, in the final analysis, still be wood floor enterprise did not understand the requirement with young real customer.

    Send force product to make only far insufficient

    The last few years, brand of a lot of wood floors begins conduct propaganda, should suit " 80 hind the 90 consumption after are used to " . Someone says, too the youth of local tyrant does not like -- make a point so literary model; someone says, too the youth of flowery does not like -- the; someone that gets bit of unadorned and in good taste so says, the youth wants individual character -- the design is the so most crucial... sound, the youth's consumption asks to compare elder people tall, grade is high, difficult flattery, want to get used to them so, because this begins the life of change product in succession. Begin from product research and development, to reveal, to applied design, the flower uses up idea.

    Such doing necessary? Have. But if think,develop a few products, do a few or vogue, or contracted, or literary effect figure, can move youth, that can say only, your idea is too innocent. It is good to want quality, also should tell the price that choose a *** to compare -- the global demand that this is a youth. The information that can come back according to market feedback, our guide or of the member that buy is " too professional " , wish to also become the client very professional, or is too not professional, compound wood floor explanation also says real wood a long time not clear, the result gets the client muddleheaded, last pat two medicinal powder.

    Floor enterprise is good again " simple point "

    If wood floor enterprise wants to sell a youth the product, OK and more consideration " save trouble " . To the wood floor, a room spreads how many, average person does not have wood floor of very intuitionistic experience; real wood and solid Mu Fu to join a wood floor board, everyman is clear about nuance not completely. So, can you nod simply? E.g. , one square how many money? What does bedroom, sitting room suit to spread respectively? What shop way is there (involve style and shop to stick plan) ? bag store is stuck, does the client need to check and accept finished product only? If these a few problems can get weigh in hand, tell to the client obviously for nothing, need not move sth about again more concepts.

    But review a trade, major wood floor brand stays in manufacturer thinking, him advocate how craft, equipment is advanced, to get used to the youth's demand, make the product that what style, what feels character, need the youth most however " convenient save trouble " put aside -- perhaps gave agency completely this part. This is attention is made, do not pay attention to the practice of the service, cannot say to go up to have sincerity to the youth really.

    From production point of view character, change product structure, make the product that the youth likes, enterprise of a lot of wood floors can be qualification. But, from " brand " angle, what at present wood floor enterprise does is far insufficient still. Floor enterprise besides production hair force, still want hand in hand agency, discuss the sale method that gives demand of simple, direct contented youth, nod a concept less, little place covers a region, just can gain the favour of young customer.

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