Videos » Is the Future of Broadcast TV Up in the Air?

Is the Future of Broadcast TV Up in the Air?

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In this video I go through and comment about an article on that says the future of TV is up in the air. The claim is that broadcast TV might become irrelevant due to competition from live streaming channels. CORRECTION: I've been told that the HDHomerun will have a software update to support DRM encrypted channels. Users will not have to return their boxes. Link to the article: \ud83d\udce1 For an antenna recommendation visit my website \ud83d\udd0c Did my videos help you cut the cord? If so, consider a PayPal contribution, Patreon, or a Channel Membership \ud83d\udc47 Visit my Amazon Store for recommended antennas and accessories: Sign up to my e-mail list: Like my Facebook page: E-mail brief general questions or sponsorship inquires to - before sending an e-mail consider a custom antenna recommendation below if you are looking for help with an antenna setup.
Posted Mar 18
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