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The AI News You Most Likely Missed This Week!

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Here's a breakdown of this week's AI news. Again... My editor's having some fun. We're still trying to figure out that right blend of fun and getting you the info you want. Discover More From Me: \ud83d\udee0\ufe0f Explore hundreds of AI Tools: \ud83d\udcf0 Weekly Newsletter: \ud83d\ude0a Discord Community: \ud83d\udc24 Follow me on Twitter: \ud83d\udc3a My personal blog: \ud83c\udf2f Buy me a burrito: Resources From Today's Video: Outro music generated by Mubert Some links in this description are likely affiliate links. I do not talk about products based on whether or not they have affiliate links, however, if a product has an affiliate link, I usually sign-up for it. It never sways my opinion or impacts how I talk about a product. #AINews #AITools #generativeart 0:00 Intro 0:20 WWDC Apple Headset 2:09 WWDC Machine Learning 4:30 StyleDrop 6:00 Roop Open Source Faceswap 7:31 EU Urges Labeling AI Content 8:28 AI Images in Political Ads 9:15 Hugging Face Falcon-40B 10:36 Instagram AI 11:23 Text-To-3D Characters 14:22 Gen-2 Text-To-Video 15:43 Flair AI for Product Images 17:21 Baidu AI Cloud Coding Assistant 17:46 Jetpack AI Assistant 19:20 Bard Got An Upgrade 19:27 Stability AI Uncrop 21:45 Future Tools
Posted Jun 10
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