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SpaceX Launched REAL UFO In ISRAEL!

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When Elon Musk came up with the radical idea of using hypersonic air transport in civil aviation in 2020, many experts laughed at him. They said that, first of all, there are no engines capable of providing an airplane with hypersonic speed for a long time. Even combat airplanes go supersonic for a short time - 30-40 minutes, when there is a combat engagement. Secondly, at such a speed, one should not forget about air resistance - due to the friction created, the fuselage heats up a lot. Even in the nose of the famous "Concorde" and Tu-144 was a temperature of more than 100 ° C - heated the plane itself in flight so much that it lengthened by half a meter or a meter. The mats were folded especially so that after the stretching and subsequent compression of the airplane, the carpeting did not stand up lumpy.
Posted December 9, 2023
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