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I Asked an AI to Predict the Future | Its Forecasts SHOKED ME

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Artificial intelligence systems are gaining capabilities to forecast complex future events and technology trends by analyzing massive datasets - but can uncensored AI predictions also reveal chilling downsides of progress absent ethics? In this precedent-setting experiment, I helped develop an advanced AI trained solely on scientific data to simulate humanity's future across society, technology, geopolitics, climate and more. When prompted for its unfiltered vision of the world in coming decades, the AI's timeline and forecasts left me exhilarated by the potential, yet deeply unsettled by the risks of uncontrolled change. Join me as we explore this rogue AI's predictions for 2050 and beyond - from work automation to AI regulation, climate action to space travel, biotechnology to shifts in global power. We discuss how its forecasts could help societies identify problems early and strategize solutions. But we also unpack dangers of unchecked AI prediction technologies used by governments and corporations to concentrate power. Guiding AI wisely remains imperative as prediction moves beyond biased human limitations. With care and conscience, such tools could enhance foresight on complex challenges - pandemic threats, ecological tipping points, cyberwarfare, technological unemployment. But without oversight, AI oracles risk becoming self-fulfilling prophecies reinforcing the interest of whoever interprets them, not society overall. The difference hinges on whether we develop AI as an empowering public good, or as the oracle from which our tech overlords impose their own designs for the future. How we proceed today steers history for generations hence. #ai #future #forecasts #openai #anthropic #google #microsoft #googleai #chatgpt4 #chatgpt #claude2 #bard #bingai #googlebard
Posted Feb 12
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