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Gemini Ultra is Here! (Google's "ChatGPT ******")

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In this video, we explore the brand new Gemini Advanced, which is also know as Gemini Ultra, not to be confused with Gemini Pro... But it's definitely not Bard! Discover More From Me: \ud83d\udee0\ufe0f Explore hundreds of AI Tools: \ud83d\udcf0 Weekly Newsletter: \ud83d\ude0a Discord Community: \ud83d\udc24 Follow me on Twitter: \ud83e\uddf5 Follow me on Threads: \ud83d\udc3a My personal blog: Resources From Today's Video: Gemini: Fireship Video: MattVidPro: TheAIGRID: Matthew Berman: All About AI: AI Explained: David Ondej: Outro music generated by Mubert Sponsorship/Media Inquiries: #AINews #AITools #GenerativeArt Time Stamps: 0:00 Intro 0:41 How To Access Gemini Ultra 1:41 What's In The New Version? 2:36 Interesting Timing... 3:14 Gemini Ultra Pricing 4:08 Everyone Else Talking About Gemini 5:00 Testing Speed 6:03 Creativity 6:58 Problem Solving 8:32 Coding 10:16 Image Generation 12:47 Image Interpretation 16:04 Uploading PDFs 16:52 What I Like About It Overall 19:32 Other AI YouTube Channels 20:03 Recap And General Consensus 21:13 Final Thoughts
Posted Feb 12
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