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5 AI Breakthroughs SHAPING 2024

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#artificialintelligence #ai #ai2024 #ainews You've probably scrolled through your social media feeds lately, like Facebook, Instagram or X, and noticed that the new trend this year is artificial intelligence. But why all the buzz? Hasn't it already peaked? Well, the answer is clearly no, because in 2024 this huge and growing industry wants to give us more than ever before. More realism, tools and human-like traits for computers? Do you want to know more? Stay tuned! — We've had some amazing years for artificial intelligence, but honestly, we're just scratching the surface of what this powerful technology can do. What's really exciting is how extremely quick things are evolving now. Stuff that used to take decades to develop now happens in less than a year – like GPT-4, #deepmind #anthropic competing with #openai and Microsoft rolling out Copilot for Windows. It's been a whirlwind of activity lately. And that leaves us with one big question: What's next? Basically, in 2024, AI is going to change a lot of things. It'll touch everything from robots to phones, from making things easier to helping customers better. The way we use technology is getting a major upgrade, with smarter, more personalized solutions becoming the norm. Even though it might already be old news by the time this video is uploaded on Youtube, here are the most noteworthy surprises that this new year will bring us. 00:00 Intro 02:04 Sora 05:03 GPT5 06:49 Project MusicGen 08:02 Ameca 09:53 iOS 18
Posted Apr 18
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