Videos » SaaS Website Builder, Project Management And Dashboard: Nextjs14, Bun, Stripe Connect, Prisma, MySQL

SaaS Website Builder, Project Management And Dashboard: Nextjs14, Bun, Stripe Connect, Prisma, MySQL

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✨ Join Prodigies University today πŸ‘‰πŸ» In Prodigies University we break down everything for the next upcoming videos in live deep dive sessions! See the whole process from start to finish: βœ… Architecture βœ… Wire-framing βœ… Workflows βœ… Figma layouts βœ… Project Management βœ… Backlog βœ… My Ideation process βœ… Early access to the project βœ… Ask questions to experts βœ… Provide feedback on features to include __________________________________________________________ PLURA Commercial License: β†’ Build Realtime Cursors Using Nextjs: Github Repo: Here is the discord if you want to hangout or get support: Start your own agency for Free: Learn how to connect a users stripe account into your app and sync products. You will also build a Website and funnel builder completely from scratch without using any libraries that can also be hosted on custom subdomains inside the app. ⏰ Timestamps 00:00 - Plura Demo 14:51 - Next’s 14 Project Setup 19:09 - Setup Local Database 24:00 - Next’s 14 Authentication 37:00 - Freelance Community 40:28 - How to build the Landing Page 01:04:53 - Sub domains Architecture Explained 01:10:20 - How to setup subdomains in nextjs 14 app in middleware file 01:18:34 - How to use Prisma in nextjs 14 01:37:51 - Building the Agency Section 02:07:20 - How to build forms in nextjs 14 02:17:04 - How to upload images in nextjs 14 03:13:23 - Nextjs14 Sidebar 03:52:39 - How to build zustand / redux natively. Global modal provider. 04:32:46 - Challenge yourself to build the route segments for the agency 04:33:44 - Solution 04:37:18 - User Details with access control 05:10:24 - Launchpad 06:10:33 - Building the Sub Account Section 06:29:10 - Media storage for Sub Accounts in Nextjs14 06:57:24 - Pipelines and project management khan ban board. 09:24:55 - Stripe Setup 09:58:40 - Agency Billing page 10:01:02 - Challenge Add more add-on products 10:14:20 - How to create Custom Stripe Form in nextjs14 10:36:41 - Test Stripe locally 10:52:45 - Challenge Add pro features 11:04:44 - Funnels and Website Builder 12:00:46 - Website builder Architecture breakdown 12:19:11 - Global State Management For Website builder 14:50:49 - Stripe Checkout form for funnels 15:15:40 - How to show websites in nextjs14 15:23:02 - Agency Dashboard 15:41:10 - Subaccount Dashboard 16:17:34 - Deployment List of all the features. 🀯 Multivendor B2B2B Saas 🏒 Agency and Sub accounts 🌐 Unlimited funnel hosting πŸš€ Full Website & Funnel builder πŸ’» Role-based Access πŸ”„ Stripe Subscription plans πŸ›’Stripe add-on products πŸ” Connect Stripe accounts for all users! - Stripe Connect πŸ’³ Charge application fee per sale and recurring sales πŸ’° Custom Dashboards πŸ“Š Media Storage πŸ“ˆ Stripe Product Sync πŸ“ŒCustom checkouts on funnels πŸ“’ Get leads from funnels 🎨 Khanban board πŸ“‚ Project management system πŸ”— Notifications πŸ“† Funnel performance metrics 🧾 Agency and subacc metrics πŸŒ™ Graphs and charts β˜€οΈ Light & Dark mode πŸ“„ Functioning landing page Website with background grids Shadcn UI Theme creator Instagram:
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