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From Today To The Year 4000: Let's Dive Into The Future!

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Since the beginning of the 21st century, technology has advanced at an astonishing pace, transforming our reality in ways we couldn't have imagined. Our daily lives are now filled with innovations that were once considered mere dreams just a few decades ago. Think back 100 years. Typewriters were the cutting-edge technology, telegrams were the fastest form of long-distance communication, and horse-drawn carriages were a common sight on the streets. The progress we've made since then leaves us wondering: what will technology look like centuries into the future? Although no one knows the future, simply considering the integration of artificial intelligence and quantum computing into our lives leaves us with a sense of wonder about what possibilities lie ahead. Join us on this thrilling journey as we traverse time, propelling ourselves from the present to the mysterious year 4000, where mind-blowing technologies await. -- DISCUSSIONS & SOCIAL MEDIA Commercial Purposes: Tik Tok: Reddit: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Linkedin: Our Website: -- Credits: Ron Miller, Mark A. Garlick / ,Elon Musk/SpaceX/ Flickr -- 00:00 Intro 1:42 2025 AI and Automation Everywhere 3:49 2037 Humanity has expanded beyond earth 4:12 2038 the First Space Elevator 4:50 2040 Neuralink Success 5:40 2045 Quantum computer success and virtual reality 6:48 2045 Landing humans on Mars 7:40 2050 Antiage and medicine Progress ,3d printers 9:23 2100 Transhumanism 10:00 2150 City Evolution 10:10 2155 Advanded automation 11:34 2200 Mind Uploading 12:10 2248 Quantum neuro criptography 13:00 2253 Ai Govern Framework 13:40 2400 First Interstellar Voyages 14:44 2850 Biological Lifeform Emerge 15:22 2910 Type 2 civilization 16:10 2977 Stellar Engines 17:18 3500 Methaphysical concepts 18:07 3516 Parallel Universes 18:48 4000 Type 4 Civilization Kardashev scale -- #insanecuriosity #timelapseofthefuture #futuretime
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