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NBA 2K18 Makes Significant Changes In Microtransactions

  • September 14 came the next part of the basketball simulator - NBA 2K18. Immediately after the release, the rating of the game on Steam began to creep quickly, and at the moment is only 30% of positive feedback. Fans are furious with the system of microtransactions and called on the publisher of 2K Sports to make significant changes.



    At the beginning of the game is available 6 000 VC (in-game currency), which is enough to increase several points of characteristics. Prices for changing the character's haircuts reached 1500 VC, and for tattoos about 1000 VC. In order to "pump out" your player and earn money you will need to spend more than one hundred games, and fans say that the NBA 2K18 is specially designed to make spending real money.


    The company's social network marketing company on Twitter has announced that the price of haircuts for the character is reduced to 100 VC. Players are not enough, because the game does not even have a preview of the result.


    Most likely, the publisher will have to make further concessions, otherwise players will continue to press the game's rating, which can significantly affect the sale of a successful series. For ten days on Steam sold just over 110 thousand copies of NBA 2K18. Remember to buy cheap NBA 2K18 MT on U4GM to help you collect the players you want for your team. We are a professional website, which can provide cheap NBA 2K18 MT with fast delivery, safe payment methods and best services.