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Why doesn't The Judge speak in Far Cry: New Dawn?

  • Far Cry New Dawn offers up several Guns For Hire over the course of the game. One of these is The Judge, who specializes in stealth and uses a bow to take down the invading Highwaymen. This mysterious character is tied to Joseph Seed’s New Eden settlement, a group of survivors who believe in the gospel of Seed and who hold a shared desire to forgo modern technology.

    A conversation Carmina has with The Judge seems to be one of the most direct hints of the character’s real identity. In Far Cry 5 players help Nick Rye and his wife with the birth of their first child, a baby Carmina. In New Dawn, Carmina is now an ***** and will mention to The Judge how her parents told her the story of how The Judge, before they were silent and wore a mask, helped during her birth.

    Far Cry 5 had multiple endings, but Ubisoft has chosen to double down on only one of them. This is the ending where Joseph Seed detonates nuclear bombs across Hope County.The Sheriffs attempt to flee from the blast, with Joseph in custody, but the jeep they are in is flipped over. Joseph emerges from the wreckage and drags Rook to an underground bunker. The game ends with Rook waking up to Joseph, who proclaims that he is his family now. Buy Cheap Far Cry ND Credits on with huge discount, fast delivery and 100% safety.

    So why doesn't The Judge speak in Far Cry: New Dawn? It could simply be that since The Deputy was a silent protagonist in Far Cry 5, it would have been strange for the character to suddenly start speaking in the sequel. However, fans have another theory as to why The Judge does not speak. Some players think that the Seed cult cut the tongue out of The Deputy's mouth. Evidence of this comes from a conversation that can be had between Nana and The Judge where Nana asks The Judge to speak, but The Judge just cries.

    The most concrete proof we have that The Judge is The Deputy comes from Ubisoft, though. In an email reply to Kotaku, Ubisoft confirmed that The Deputy in Far Cry 5 and The Judge in Far Cry New Dawn are the same person. I mean, we all pretty much knew that was the case, but it’s refreshing to put the issue to rest without any doubt whatsoever.

    There’s no doubt that The Judge is an older version of your character from Far Cry 5. Plus as they don’t speak and you can’t physically tell whether it’s a man or woman, regardless of which gender you chose in Far Cry 5 The Judge still looks like your Rook. The Judge also has stealth abilities, which fits with Rook’s note about wanting to remain unnoticed, masked, and reborn, and needing to “cleanse the sin” from the world. So it makes sense that they’d be okay with joining you on your adventures as you cleanse Hope County of Highwaymen and fight Mickey and Lou.