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NBA 2K20 set to hit stores in late September

  • NBA 2K20 has already garnered a lot of attention from the fans of the basketball gaming franchise.Even though the very little amount of details have been confirmed by 2K Sports and Visual Dynamics. So we take a look at all the possible inclusions and rumors related to the highly anticipated NBA 2K20.

    Currently, we know very little about the upcoming game. However, a tweet from the basketball star Renee Montgomery hints that she might be debuting in the game.The new title is expected to feature a revamped style of celebration with more realistic animation. The NBA 2K20 developers are also working on improving the off-ball system and the tangibility of the ball.

    While developers have not announced an official release date as yet, accurate deductions can be made from release dates of previous editions.The first 2K game was released in the month of November, but the last 4 versions - NBA 2K16, NBA 2K17, NBA 2K18 and NBA 2K19 - were all released in September.That's not expected to change this time around, with NBA 2K20 set to hit stores in late September. Buy Cheap NBA 2K20 VC Boosting on with Cheap Price and Safe Payment.

    The title of NBA 2k20 features a revamped style with more realistic animation. This year edition will come with improving the off-ball system and tangibility of the ball. Some also suggest that the next title will also feature one of the worst microtransaction. Well, fans can buy all the skins and exclusive perks with real money.We expect that it have two variants: One is Standard Edition and a second one special edition that will ship with additional features of the players. It will be available with bonuses VC worth 100,000 and My TEAM points worth 50,000.

    WNBA teams could be featured in the upcoming NBA 2K game, according to two WNBA stars, A'ja Wilson and Renee Montgomery. Whether NBA 2K20 is going to feature the entire WNBA league or just these stars in select modes, is currently unknown.NBA 2K games have been going through a bit of a rough period over the last couple of years with NBA 2K18 being an absolutely abysmal experience, from cheesy gameplay to downright awful microtransactions policies.