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Soul Calibur 6 is built using the Unreal Engine and can be seen

  • For its Hallowe’en update, Soul Calibur will let players assume the role of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode from John Carpenter’s groundbreaking film, while also introducing a new, suburban themed map (which, as with all of Soul Calibur 6s new maps, will be freely available to all players). “We wanted to make sure the first one we put in, would be a critical one,” We wanted to go for one of the more iconic and impressive figures of horror. I mean, I think Michael Myers is one of the most recognisable villains in movie history,” says Cote.

    Soul Calibur 6 is built using the Unreal Engine 4 and can be seen in action in the brief reveal trailer just below. As you can see, it looks very much like Soul Calibur, but it’s hard to get much from such a short video clip.
    Oh, Soul Calibur, what’s in a name? The answer to that timeless question here is I HONESTLY AND CATEGORICALLY DO NOT KNOW. What is an Incarnate? Why are they rising? Do they rise in a manner akin to that of triads, or do they rise with a uniquely iconoclastic flair? Isn’t everything in the world more or less incarnate? What makes these Incarnates more incarnate than other incarnates? Who incarnates and/or incarcerates the Incarnates? Behind every door, another question.

    With fighting games in a pretty good place these days, there’s never been a better time for a new Soul Calibur games. A beloved series, but one that fell on some hard times in latter entries. Some fundamental changes to the core mechanics meant that SoulCalibur 6 wasn’t as well received as some of the earlier titles, specifically its debut and sequel.
    Xianghua is superbly animated, as she fights with a Chinese sword dance style, and when you chain together her attacks she’s deadly. Still able to dash in and out of range with certain attacks, players who have used her in previous games are going to feel right at home. Same goes for Killik, who still dishes out ranged punishment with a huge pole, able to hit damaging overhead strikes from much further than you think!

    GameSprite showed us progress on Soulcalibur 6 earlier this week, with some hands-on time at a publicity event in San Francisco.

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