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Path of Exile Tips For Best Pure Classes

  • One of the most important decisions you will make while playing Path of Exile is the selection of characters. Depending on the path you choose, you will discover that your style of play can be completely different. There are three statistics that define each class: Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence. There are three pure character classes.



    • Marauder: Strength
    • Ranger: Dexterity
    • Witch: Intelligence


    The Best Pure Classes


    The Marauder is a monster, and is capable of withstanding a lot of damage and sharing it equally. He is able to use two-handed axes and powerful swords, as well as heavy armor such as Plate Mail and Tower Shields. His strength statistics are 32, Life 66, Mana 47 and a hit probability of 83%. Pick it if yours


    The Ranger is the most elusive of the classes, and is able to dodge most attacks, either by wiping out enemies at a distance with a bow, or approaching with a quick one- or two-handed weapon. He makes maximum use of leather armor and skills to hide his position.


    The Most Powerful Pure Classes


    The Witch uses elemental magic from a distance to inflict damage and employs a barrier to deflect it. You can use wands, cloth armor and robes. His best statistics are, of course, intelligence (32), hit probability (83%), evasion (58) and the probability of avoiding hits of 32%.


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