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Heavy Duty Work Benches: Raise Your Productivity

  • Sturdy, strong, durable, and efficient, these are all the properties you will find associated with heavy duty work benches, found in almost all industrial sectors around the globe. They are the best solutions for companies that aim to be cost efficient as well as highly productive at the same time.  Heavy duty industrial work benches are generally made to last a lifetime.  That is why most companies look to invest in them substantially because of all the advantages they yield.


    Among the various advantages that it has to offer, including space saving and ergonomic support, industrial work benches contribute towards a safe environment for the tools and materials to be stored.  They require relatively less maintenance which can save companies a substantial amount of money and other accompanied resources. With provisions for integrating other appliances and components along with it, this sort of table is tailor-made for the industrial sector. (Information credit:


    Below are certain points that highlight this.


    1. Weight Capacity: Typically, industrial work benches are made for industrial purposes, so quite naturally, they are strong enough to work with heavy workloads. On an average, work benches can hold up to 750 kg, with some variants being built to withstand even heavier weights. It’s of paramount importance that they handle heavy loads as tasks involving heavy equipment and parts can be handled effectively with zero-safety risks.


    2. Ergonomics: Ergonomics plays a key role in any industrial process, and has a direct bearing on the overall productivity of an organization. Studies show that industrial employees are prone to developing strain-related injuries. Their tasks often require them to adjust to tasks requiring a lot of physical flexibility. Ergonomically designed work benches make these tasks a lot more convenient, providing the flexibility and support needed to accomplish them. This results in an increase in the overall productivity of the organization, by reducing work related injuries and consequent absenteeism.


    3. Durable: The standard requirement for any piece of industrial furniture is to efficiently withstand the daily operational rigors of a warehouse or assembly line set-up. Working surfaces usually pre-treated with corrosion and chemical resistant agents are made up of particleboard and melamine resin. Melamine is necessary as it gives the surface its chemical resistance, as well as its ability to withstand high temperatures.  This makes it even more suitable for any type of industrial or laboratory application.


    4. Safety: For an employer, safety is the prime concern in any industrial process. Workers generally have to work with heavy machinery and other components where there is no room for error. Not only can they damage other equipment, but can prove fatal for the workers. That is why quality, durability and strength should never be compromised on. Industrial work benches are certified and licensed. All manufactured parts meet the standards set by various industrial regulatory bodies around the world. This is to ensure that the product is of high quality, and is suitable for industrial applications.


    Industrial work benches are a required facet to have in any industrial setting. The above article highlights the benefits they have when used by organizations.