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What does it take to design custom cabinets?

  • You will probably find every cabinet maker or brand claiming that they have an extensive range of designs when it comes to cabinets. But, sometimes, these designs too fall short and fail to visualize your dream kitchen. Here comes in the option of customized cabinets. You can ask the cabinet makers to help you in putting to papers your idea of kitchen, bedroom or bathroom cabinets.

    When you are going for custom cabinet designs, you need to keep certain things in mind like the material of the cabinet, its size, and design. (Information Credit –

    Material: Cabinets can be manufactured from different materials like solid hardwood, hardwood veneer, engineered wood, and plywood. If you have asked the cabinet maker to use solid hardwood for building your cabinets, then you must select the type of hardwood carefully as all hardwoods are not suitable for making cabinets. Hardwood veneer is much lighter than solid hardwood. As it is lightweight and less vulnerability to moisture, plywood is popularly used for manufacturing cabinets. Particleboard or engineered wood are the most affordable of all materials and does not expand much due to changes in temperature.

    Door style: The door is the most visible part of the cabinets so you can lend all your creativity to it. There are different types of door styles that you can select for—shaker, louvered, flat, inset, beadboard, etc. Shaker door styles look good if the finishing is done in white or light colors. Flat style is perfect if you have an inclination towards keeping things neat and simple. It simply consists of a flat center panel of wood and does not have a framed structure. If you want to retain cottage-like environment, then the suggestion would be beadboard door style. Glass doors (transparent or translucent) are quite popular with the contemporary styles.

    Finishing: You can choose to paint your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom cabinets from an extensive palette. You can keep it in monochromes or paint them in bright hues like orange, red or yellow. You can also mix and match colors by contrasting a dark and a light hue. You can also choose a color depending on the style of your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom- contemporary, classic or modern. Stained finishes are also popular when it comes to cabinets. You can choose to keep it opaque, transparent or semi-transparent. The natural texture of the wood is retained in stained finishes.

    Other features: Features like doorknobs, drawer styles are also important when it comes to designing cabinets. You can consult with the cabinet maker what would be the best style for the cabinet type you have selected and what will be convenient for you. You can also install peg systems for the some of the cabinets such as to keep everything organized.

    As you can see, there are different ways of customizing cabinets. This article will you to approach the cabinet maker with your cabinet designing ideas.