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How to E-mail Large Files Securely

  • Sending large files online has always been a matter of concern for many. There were many associated problems about sending large files online. If a user was asked to email large files online, it was a big problem because it is almost impossible to send large files online through e-mail. However, with TransferNow, it is now possible to email large files online and that too securely.


    One of the many apprehensions of users when transferring files online is about security. Users are often seen to ask questions related to reliability and security. It is often thought that privacy will be hampered if files are sent online because these files (images, videos) will be accessible to third parties. If files are available to third parties, they might be manipulated as well.


    However, with the introduction of modern technology and online platforms like TransferNow, it is now easy and convenient to transfer large files online.


    So, how does the process work? What makes the process secure?


    Online portals involved with online transfer of documents usually provide several tools for the transfer process. Thus, TransferNow offers specialised tools which make it easy to send large as well as small files online. When files are transferred, users have access to a customizable link or a shareable link. Users who wish to use the file transfer tool can easily select the folders or documents which they wish to transfer, fill the associated form and have the documents transferred.


    How Secure is the process?

    Users are assured that the process is completely secure because the files are not available to third parties. Once the files are uploaded to the online portal, they are transferred through e-mail. No third party is involved in the process. Thus, the process of download gets completed in a short time and that too securely.


    With portals like TransferNow, it is now quite easy to transfer files online. Many users have revealed that it is quite tough to find a service which is so simple to use, which is free, and which is available with such a user-friendly interface. It can be used without registration. The entire process is quite fast and is highly reliable.


    Users can transfer many documents online. These might be private documents, videos and images. All files can be easily transferred without having to worry about security issues.