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Digital Marketing for Small Businesses: Benefits

  • In today’s world of high competition in the business world, it is becoming harder for small scale businesses in emerging economies to challenge their large-scale counterparts. Because small scale businesses focus more on growing their customer bases, they may use traditional advertisement media such as print ads and coupon mailers to market their business.

    However, because of the effects of globalisation and the advancement in technology, such efforts often fall short of achieving the results they promise. Small businesses can thus struggle in terms of getting their message across, as large-scale companies would almost always have more financial resources allocated towards marketing.

    Because of the potential of using the internet to spread information, digital marketing has emerged as one of the most effective ways to advertise a brand. In emerging economies like that of South Africa, digital marketing can level the playing field for small scale businesses, in addition to a number of benefits. This is why more and more small-scale organisations are seeking the help of digital marketing companies in Cape Town. (Information credit:

    Advantages of digital marketing for small-scale businesses

    1. Getting more customers: The internet has become a major part of everyone’s lives, which means that prospective customers are already online. A brand’s online presence is important to attract the customer’s attention. Since they expect to find information about the products they desire online, publishing a page and developing an online presence can lead such users towards the brand’s website. Failure to do so may make the brand look like an illegitimate one, as modern customers expect some sort presence on the web.
    2. Levelling the playing field: It stands to reason that multinational companies and large scale companies would have a much larger budget when it comes to online advertisement. However, due to the nature of digital marketing, simply having more financial resources does not guarantee more reachability. This is quite an advantage for small scale businesses, which can now compete in the same market, regardless of the budget they have. By using a combination of SEO, PPC and social media marketing, small businesses can achieve the same level of visibility by using just a fraction of resources used by large companies.
    3. Checking on competitors: Competition increases among small scale businesses on the same market because of the sheer number of companies competing against each other. In such circumstances, it becomes crucial for brands to take a look at what their competitors are doing.  Digital marketing can enable marketers to look at rival campaigns or other measures their competitors have undertaken and act accordingly.
    4. Accessibility: In today’s digitally connected world, users expect to be connected with the brands they choose. Digital marketing thus enables brands to take more of a customer centric approach. By allowing customers to submit reviews, have discussions and connect to the brand directly, brands can connect to their customers on a new level, which helps towards customer retention.

    Digital marketing is almost unavoidable in this day and age and has allowed small scale businesses to stay on a competitive level.