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TikTok Lite Review

  • In the world of free entertainment and storytelling apps, there are very few apps that can match up to TikTok. Recently TikTok released its TikTok Lite App for Android, designed to provide an experience described as “raw, real and without boundaries”. You can find the TikTok Lite App on AllBestApps , available freely.

    TikTok can be used for delivering a complete “come as you are” story telling experience, as users can record a 15 second video of whatever they’re doing throughout the day- whether they’re making breakfast early in the morning, or getting ready to attend a party, late at night. TikTok allows users to live in the moment.

    TikTok Lite delivers almost all of the features of TikTok, including millions of videos selected specifically for the users, based on their interests and what they watch. Users can be inspired by a thriving global community of content creators in categories such as comedy, dance, Vlog, DIY, food etc.

    After using this app, it’s quite clear that TikTok delivers some of the most useful features expected from an app of this nature. Some of the features are mentioned below.

    • A Massive Music Library: TikTok Lite’s music library is updated on a daily basis with a “hot and fresh” editor’s pick.
    • Gaga Dance: Gaga Dance is a relatively new feature. It allows users to showcase their dancing skills, where even friends can compete with them.  GAGA Dance enables users to start dance competitions with their friends and a global dance community.
    • Facial Recognition: TikTok Lite comes with a perfect facial feature matching tool. It can match almost all expressions, including outrageous, goofy, cute, cool and silly.
    • Quality App: TikTok Lite has an impressive user-interface, with a smooth, lag free experience. It allows users to tap into the potential of the app in a very streamlined way.
    • Almost a Mobile Studio: TikTok Lite’s features turn a user’s phone into a mobile studio. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and image capturing technology, it provides many design driven features such as special effects, rhythm synchronization and other advanced technology.

    After going through the features, it’s quite clear that TikTok Lite has set a clear benchmark for global content creators. It provides a global platform for all users seeking to showcase their talent.  Music lovers should especially be excited for this app, as they can quickly create short videos and upload them in their own style.