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Hungarian Dishes You Must Try in Budapest

  • One of the most enjoyable aspects of travelling is exploring new foods and teasing your taste buds with something they have not had before. You will not be disappointed by the food Budapest has to offer you. However, deciding what to eat in Budapest might be a challenge. There is a plethora of options, ranging from simple street cuisine to extensive restaurant menus.

    Traditional Hungarian cuisine is delectable and flavorful, yet it does not appear to have spread far beyond Hungary's boundaries. So, if you are planning to visit Budapest make sure to first check out the best areas to stay in Budapest there so that once you reach, you can freely enjoy their local dishes without any worries.

    Let us now take you through some of the classic Hungarian dishes you can try on once in Budapest.

    1. Get a Classic Comfort with Lángos

    If you want to experience a classic comfort food, then you should definitely try out Lángos, a deep-fried doughy flatbread served warm with sour cream and grated cheese or garlicky butter (or all of the above). These mouth-watering snacks are available all year and are an inexpensive delicious delight. Best Lángos would be crisp on the outside and soft and plump in the middle. They are sometimes cooked with potato (krumplis lángos), and also sometimes topped with sausage (kolbász).

    2. Treat Yourself with Kürtőskalács (Chimney Cake)

    This tasty, sweet dish is made from long strips of sugary dough that gets wrapped around cone-shaped spits, coated with butter, and cooked over charcoal. When the dough is withdrawn from the spit, the sugar caramelizes into a crispy covering, and steam escapes from the centre like a chimney (kürtskalács translates to 'chimney cake' in English). They are frequently dusted with toppings like cinnamon or crushed walnuts before serving, and they're meant to be shared by tearing off a strip of the hot, sweet, crunchy dough for each guest. They are mostly popular during the holiday season.

    3. Try Cabbage in a Different Way with Töltött káposzta (Stuffed Cabbage)

    This stuffed cabbage is a popular meal throughout most of Eastern Europe and Asia. This Hungarian speciality cooked cabbage dish is loaded with ground pork and beef, rice, tomatoes, and sauerkraut. It is heavily seasoned with paprika, just like other popular Hungarian recipes. This hearty dish is traditionally served in the winter, and it is well worth trying if you're ever in Hungary.

    4. Country’s National Dish Gulyás (Goulash)

    In most parts of the world, Hungary's national dish is served as a stew, but a real gulyás is a thin soup prepared from chunks of beef boiled with onions, paprika, tomatoes, and pepper. It is typically served with fresh white bread and a side of chopped hot paprika. It is a classic peasant dish that was first prepared over an open fire by herdsmen in cast iron bogrács cauldrons. This is the greatest way to make this delectable stewy soup, and you will still find it prepared this way in rustic eateries across Hungary.

    5. Enjoy Dessert with Somlói Galuska

    This decadent dish is a must-try for anybody with a sweet appetite. Somlói galuska is composed of three flavors of sponge cake, cream, walnuts, raisins, and chocolate sauce. Somlói was a big hit when it originally came out in the late 1950s and it even earned an award at the 1958 World Expo.


    Budapest offers many options – whether it is sightseeing or food. If you are going there for the first time, make sure to try out these dishes first.