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Using Stainless Steel Cabinets in an Industry Setting

  • Almost all industries have some basic requirements for the furniture used. Perhaps the most commonly used piece of furniture is the stainless steel cabinet. They are innovative cabinets that can stand the test of time while working in a very punishing work environment. Industrial warehouses thus choose stainless steel cabinets to do a myriad of things because of the advantages they provide.

    Tips to select the best stainless steel cabinet

    Simply choosing any stainless steel cabinet won’t do the job, as a lot depends on the material composition. Here are some small tips to make sure you have the best stainless steel cabinet for your company.

    • The type and grade of stainless steel dictate how long the stainless steel cabinets will last under extreme conditions in a warehouse.
    • The surface finish and coating of stainless steel can affect its appearance, performance, and maintenance.
    • The size and shape of the cabinets should also be considered when choosing stainless steel cabinets.
    • Stainless steel cabinets can also have different prices depending on the size, shape, style, and finish.

    The above factors can help anyone find the best stainless steel cabinets for their specific application. However, to ensure that you get the right products, it is always advised to choose certified and licensed dealers to source stainless steel cabinets. Now that we’ve discussed how to choose them, let’s see the advantages that they provide to companies.

    Bacterial, fungal, and moisture resistance: stainless steel provides a non-porous laboratory that traps any liquid, bacteria, or mould from penetrating it. As a result, fungi, bacteria, and dirt have nowhere to enter. This is why routine sanitation practices reduce the risk of germs spreading or cross-contamination. It is also made from low-carbon steel that consists of chromium and nickel, which is resistant to rust and corrosion.

    Chemical resistance: Stainless steel has significant chemical resistance, which is why salts, organic chemicals, solvents, and biological stains cannot damage it. It also does not have any issues with most acids and bases. However, it is recommended not to use phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, or acetic acid on its surface.

    Resistance from heat: Stainless steel cabinets have a major nickel element in them, which makes them heat resistant. It can withstand heat exposure above 1500 Fahrenheit. While occasional discoloration might occur, there will be no damage to its structural integrity.

    Unparalleled durability: stainless steel cabinets are built in a way that makes them highly impact-resistant. In labs and warehouses, there is usually a lot of movement of tools and equipment, making furniture prone to damage. While stainless steel can be damaged while denting, it cannot be punctured.

    Ease of fabrication: Stainless steel can be cut, bent, and welded according to requirements. This makes it the best material not only for cabinets but for other types of furniture elements as well. This makes it crucial to work with dealers, which receive their products from manufacturers that have the latest equipment.


    Stainless steel cabinets can withstand some of the harshest conditions that are encountered in warehouses and other similar environments. Their sturdy composition, along with a myriad of safety features, make them the most in-demand furniture additions for an industrial environment.